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Fruit & Nut Village Stirchley

Upcoming Events

25th January 2020 - Winter Saturday Work Session

Join us this Saturday to work in Hazelwell Park. Work may be focussed on Kingdom Forest Garden or in other parts of the Park

10am - 1pm - Hazelwell Park, meet at Hazelwell Road next to Kingdom Forest Garden near the river bridge

26th January 2020 - Selly Park Secret Garden Work and Planting Day

A Fruit & Nut Village sponsored sub-project. We are developing this site, slightly further north from our usual patch.

10am - 1pm - meet at the bottom of Second Avenue near the bridge


1st February 2020 - Orchard Site Preparation

We are creating a new orchard at the end of the River Rea route, behind Beilby Road. Come along and work with us to clear the area in preparation of the planting day.

10am - 1pm - River Rea Cycle Route behind Beilby Road, between Fordhouse Lane and Dacer Close


8th February 2020 - Orchard Planting

We are creating a new orchard at the end of the River Rea route, behind Beilby Road. Come along and work with us to plant our new trees.

10am - 3pm - River Rea Cycle Route behind Beilby Road, between Fordhouse Lane and Dacer Close


15th February 2020 - Planting and Tree Care Day

We will continue our cooking apple tree care and extra planting at Cookers Corner, after a very productive session there in November.

10am - 1pm - Cookers Corner, Hazelwell Park, meet opposite 103 Newlands Road


SATURDAYS!!! Through December (except at Christmas time), January and (probably) February we will be WORKING EVERY WEEK!

As well as activities on some Sundays and weekdays we will be out in all weathers on Saturdays...ensuring that “The Village” will produce food into the future.


Apple Day was a real success! Thank you to everyone who helped to plan the event, staff a stall, move equipment onto the site and away and of course to everyone who attended! The day lasted for 12 hours for the organisers...but we felt that it has been well worth it. Our estimate was that 400 people attended on the day. We really hope that everyone loved Apple Day Stirchley as much as we did. The heritage fruit display was quite a spectacle to behold!

We launched the planting season early this year and celebrated the William Crump apple’s 111th year on the 1st November. We now have an extra eight trees planted into Plymouth Run. The day was very enjoyable, with great weather and A LOT of food! We had two cakes, William Crump apples, a meal and snacks! Whoever said that planting trees keeps you slim may need to come along to one of our events and see if that is always the case.

Since the launch of the planting season we have run regular Saturday events at Kingdom Forest Garden. We had some support, also, from the University of Birmingham Conservation Volunteers...so now that space is in such good condition that we are leaving it alone for a while. Still, we have plenty to keep our minds and bodies occupied.


Get Involved

Every Saturday, except 21st and 28th December we are out and about over the winter. If you can’t manage a Saturday session we are running some events on different days. If you have a problem with all of the dates we have planned we’d still like to have you involved, so do contact us and we can work out a time to bring people together for additional work days. There is always a lot to do!


Volunteer Profile: Steve

As a local retired resident I have been a regular volunteer throughout the year. I feel a great deal of gratitude to the facilitators, families, friends and other volunteers, for their encouragement and support. In an extremely educational, enjoyable, meaningful, social and valuable activity of improving and maintaining the environment and the tree and plant life along the River Rea and in the local parks and woodlands.

The Fruit & Nut Village sessions range from small groups mulching and weeding to major events such as Apple Day Stirchley. I would recommend Fruit & Nut Village to anyone looking for company, exercise, fresh air and a meaning to their life.


Do email us with your story of volunteering with us! We’ll print another next time.


Fruit Corner: Doddin

Now, the Doddin really is an interesting and highly localised variety. This variety of apple was down to only around 20 known trees ten years ago...but since then it’s numbers have been on the rise.

The Doddin apple originates near Redditch, just down the road from us in Stirchley. This is perhaps our second most local variety!

Doddin apples are available to eat very early in the season. They do not have the finest of flavours and they grow only to the size of a golf-ball. However, they are a named variety with their own specific set of characteristics and uses. Doddins are best enjoyed in their entirey, crunching up all the seeds and the core. The apples are bright green and smooth skinned with juicy, sweet flesh.

We’ve planted some already in Stirchley...so we can look forward to a crop in a couple of years’ time.


Caring For YOUR Orchard

Most probably the most important thing that you should be doing in your orchard (five or more fruit and nut trees) in the winter is pruning! Many orchard trees require good pruning in order to reduce disease, develop a good shape and to produce good-sized, quality fruits.

The basic rules of pruning are generally simple but it is a wise idea to learn properly how to prune. One place to learn is with US! - on the 4th January.

Apple and pear trees are pruned in winter, when dormant. The trees should have inward facing wood removed to improve air flow and reduce congestion. New growth should be shortened. It is the perfect time to remove and portions of the tree that have been damaged or become diseased. Decision making over pruning cuts are often made on balance; it takes time to become comfortable with the job but once you have learned and practiced you will wonder how your trees survived without their annual winter care visit.


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