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Planning meetings are arranged as required - please look out for notices on this web site and the park noticeboard

Sunday 16th November

Hazelwell Park

Conservation workday

Sunday 16th November

10.00 am – 1.00 pm

Join the Rangers and Friends of the Park to help

carrying out practical conservation tasks,

Together we can make the world a better place.

Tools provided but bring a snack or lunch to munch.

Rough out door clothes, gloves and boots recommended.

Suitable for most ages but children will need to be supervised.

learn new skills and meet people.
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Saturday 26th April 2014

We are planning an Easter Themed event for children - to include egg races, nature hunt, & egg hunt, 2 - 4 p.m.

15th March 2014

Conservation work day with the Park Ranger Service - we planted some fruit trees and did a litter pick.


Sunday's (17th of march) The Big Dig

The Big Dig is a national coordinated food growing initiative where hundreds of projects from all over the country bring people together in their communities to grow food and connect with the land (http://www.bigdig.org.uk/).

The Big Dig at Hazelwell Park:
"Was a very productive and positive day. Planted a range of edible plants including a Sea Buckthorn hedge, a Medlar tree, Hazel trees, and planted edibles to scramble through our new dead hedges. Our very own local tree surgeons and woodland workers joined us with their chainsaws to coppice some Hazel and finish off the hedgelay. Many thanks to Jan the park ranger, and all those who joined in and mucked it".

Hedge laying in Hazelwell Park
Thursday 28/02/2013 An NVQ with GAP
(Green Academies Project) funded by the National Trust was being run in Hazelwell Park, by Jan Tomlinson from Kings Heath Rangers and Jo Bevan from the National Trust. Photos

Sunday 10th February. 10am

Soft fruit planting, orchard work, tree planting.

(Supported by the rangers and Food Forest Brum)

Wednesday 23rd January. 7:30pm

Meeting @ Stirchley Community Church

Sunday 3rd February. 10am

Hedgelaying (Ranger event). Learn the ancient art of hedgelaying in
our own park. The park rangers will be introducing and teaching the
craft of the living hedge, traditionally used to rejuvenate hedgerows,
create wildlife habitats, and for livestock barriers.

Tuesday 5th February. 10am

Hedgelaying (Ranger event)

Two of the main things going on is:

- a new proposal of a 'Pump' track - BMX track to replace the existing one. This shows some great potential, and there are new motivated people joining us to help get this sorted.

- A large number of plants to be planted to support the edible park.
These have been supplied by Food Forest Brum. There is a lot to get in the ground, so be great to see you out with us on the workdays.

In addition to this we are very pleased that the Park rangers are putting extra effort into the park and helping us with workdays.

Above is a list of the workdays and events arranged so far. Though not exhaustive.

Notes from meeting held sunday 19/2/12 link

Notes from Meeting held Sun. 22/1/12 link

Hazelwell Park
Conservation work days

Join your local Ranger and Hazelwell Park Friends group to help care for your green space.
Working together to make things grown in your community.
Saturday 11th February details

First meeting of the 2012 for Friends of Hazelwell Park.

Bring your ideas and concerns, get involved.

Following an extensive public consultation of what people want for the
park, we are coming up with a broad plan for the space. This is
particularly exploring the re-design of the main open playing field in
the park. We are open to suggestions and ideas.

The meeting is on Sunday 22 January 4pm, at Stirchley Communnity Church.

If you cant make it, but would like to share your view or get involved
contact us on
07980272940 or email fohpark@gmail.com

Stirchley gives Park some T.L.C.

Hazelwell Park
Balsam Bash!
Saturday 23rd July
10.30 am – 1.00 pm

Contact Hazelwell Park Friends with offers of support, or information on your local green space.
fohpark@gmail.com or at Stirchley Library

Improving the Environment in
Hazelwell Park
Hazelwell Park Community Orchard

Work has commenced on the creation of a Community
Orchard in Hazelwell Park.
Working with the City Council's Ranger service, the Friends of
Hazelwell Park
and B'ham Trees for Life, fruit trees (apple, plum
and cherry) have been planted in several locations within
Hazelwell Park.

The Friends of Hazelwell Park are a group of local residents who are passionate about making the most of the park. The park has a rich natural and industrial heritage, is a great space for sports and community events, and a valuable haven for wildlife using the River Rea corridor through south Birmingham. The group meets regularly to discuss ideas for improving the park, and to organise activities and events that encourage
the communtiy to get to know and use it more. It is particularly focused on making the park accessible to everyone as a place for leisure and recreation, and to develop its identity as an edible park and a focal point for wildlife conservation.


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