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Stirchley school


Web Site for the residents of Stirchley

The Stirchley Page on Facebook link

Stirchley Litter Pickers
Stirchley Litter Pickers a group of volunteers aiming to make Stirchley a cleaner and greener place to live, work and visit.
They meet 10:30 am every Saturday at preplanned locations around Stirchley

Fruit & Nut Village Stirchley

Fruit & Nut Village Stirchley is a project bringing our local community together through perennial food growing! Grow the Village! fruitandnutvillage@gmail.com

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Dementia Friendly Stirchley Campaign 2021 link

How Stirchley's independent businesses are surviving the coronavirus pandemic

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Stirchley's Hidden Nature

Below are four really interesting articles containing walks and usefull
information about the Stirchley area,
by Paula Aubrey

Hidden Nature in Stirchley Ward. Hazelwell Park Trail.

Hidden Nature Hazelwell Park.

Hidden Nature in Stirchley Ward.Water.

Hidden Nature in Stirchley Q & A