Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum
Tesco/AGM 2014

Tesco meeting Monday 10th November 2014

Simon Petar from Tesco started by addressing where they are now:

He stated all the houses in Hazelwell lane have now been demolished and the hoarding will be going up hopefully next week.

The demolition on the shops on the Pershore road,  again will commence hopefully next week,

There is more work to be carried out on the disconnection of services to the demolished houses, but he is hoping that completion of the hoarding will be completed by the beginning of December.

The Working Man’s Club has a separate contractor and he doesn’t have all of the details at the moment, however he does hope that it will all be demolished by Christmas, he said that that’s what they are aiming for.

He then went on to mention that they have a new CEO Dave Lewis and he has been given a mandate to review the entire business, but Simon did want to give us some comfort however, that they are carrying out the demolition work. they are seeing some activity, and are hopeful that the project continues to move forward.


For a more accurate description of what was said, please look out for the minutes which will be put on the website in around two weeks’ time.


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